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Part of a series of short-form video contact for the international clothing brand “Suspicious Antwerp”. Shot our in-house filmmaker Nuno Belmar da Costa and directed by Partner Martim Neves.
Suspicious Antwerp is a Belgian streetwear brand, who reached out to us on the build-up to their 'Playground: Botanica' line launch. The objective was to create a series of social media videos in the south of Portugal, juxtaposing the thrill and excitement of dirt-bikes with the peace and serenity of local fruit farms. The videos represented the clothing line in the sense that the attire was all fruit-based, but they also represented the brand in that it consciously associates itself with a dynamic lifestyle based on extreme sports.


In-house video production.


Creative Direction: Martim Neves

Director of Photography: Nuno Belmar da Costa

Edit: Nuno Belmar da Costa

Production: Suspicious Antwerp

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